Have A World Of Fun With Your Family In Grand Rapids Michigan

There is only one other city in The Great Lakes State that is larger than Grand Rapids. You might have guessed that is Motor City, Detroit MI. The population of Grand Rapids may not be in the millions, but there are plenty of people in the cultured city. There are also great attractions to visit, places to eat and all kinds of fun things to do. Here is what you might look out for as you travel around Grand Rapids, Michigan.

The Meyer May House is a wonderful historical attraction to start with in Grand Rapids. The location for this attraction is 450 Madison Avenue SE, which puts it right in the Heritage Hill Historic District. You know that means there are going to be other things to do right in that area. This architectural masterpiece was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright himself, and so it would be a great example of his work to see in person.

Then there is the Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park. This park and gardens is located at 1000 East Beltline Avenue NE, and there is much to see and do there. You will find the Japanese Garden, Children’s Garden, Sculpture Garden and more. People say that the exhibits at this major attraction in Grand Rapids change from season to season. If you’re ever in the area again, you may want to stop by and see what has changed over time.

The Gerald R Ford Museum is located in Grand Rapids, too. There are not only interactive displays at this museum, but also holograms as well. Did you know that Gerald Ford hailed from Grand Rapids MI? You will find this historical museum at 303 Pearl Street NW, and there are all kinds of recordings and artifacts housed there. This educational museum is said to be very well-designed and would make for a nice stop while you’re on vacation.

The John Ball Zoo is a great stop, too, and it is located at 1300 Fulton Street West. There is a zip line there, and the kids can even take a camel ride. You’re going to find over 1500 animals there. There aren’t just outdoor exhibits but indoor exhibits as well. Plus, you’re going to find some really neat interactive experiences according to the reviews. One more adventure you will find there is a high ropes course.

The Blandford Nature Center is also a great stop, and its location is 1715 Hillburn Avenue NW. There is a new visitors center on site there according to reviews. Enjoy all of the outdoor activities, incuding hiking trails, and there are farm animals, too. This nature center is said to be very peaceful, and so it sounds like a place to relax with the family.

Your family is going to love traveling Grand Rapids, Michigan. There is just so much to see and do while you’re there in this part of The Wolverine State. With Grand Rapids being its 2nd largest city, you know you’re going to have tons of fun.